What are the different functions available in the drawdown module in DRGR?

Date Published: February 2015

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Depending on whether you have been assigned drawdown privileges in DRGR, a grantee user can perform the following tasks within the Drawdown module:

  • Create an Obligation for an activity
  • Work with Vouchers
  • Create a voucher
  • Search for a voucher
  • View a voucher or voucher line item
  • Cancel a voucher line item
  • Revise a voucher line item
  • Approve or reject a voucher line item
  • Revoke approval of a voucher line item
  • Create a receipt for program income or RLF proceeds
  • Create a Program Income Account
  • Upload data to create Vouchers
  • Upload data to add/edit Obligations

All HUD and grantee users should be able to search for records under the four types of functions regardless of whether they have drawdown privileges.

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