When should projects and activities be entered into DRGR?

Date Published: February 2015

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Projects and Activities should be entered as soon as the Grantee budgets are established, all key information is known and the Published Action Plan that was submitted to HUD is approved.

The two-tier hierarchy for Projects and Activities is shown in the graphic below.

View the two-tier hierarchy diagram for DRGR projects and activities.

Projects serve as groupings for Activities and are typically set up by Eligible Uses for NSP (e.g. Acquisition/ Rehabilitation, Demolition, etc.) or Activity Category/Type for CDBG-DR (Housing, Economic Development, Infrastructure, etc.). At Project set-up, budgets must be known and entered in the DRGR Action Plan. States may set-up Projects by its Method of Distribution.

Activities provide more detailed information and in general should only be added to the Action Plan within Project groupings when the following information is known:

  • Budget
  • Responsible Organization carrying out the Activity
  • Activity Type
  • National Objective
  • Multifamily building structure (if applicable)

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