Why are Action Plans needed in DRGR?

Date Published: February 2015

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The Action Plan is the starting point of all reporting in DRGR. It creates a foundation and structure for all other aspects of the system, including drawdowns and QPRs. The building blocks of this foundation consist of a two-tier hierarchy: Projects and Activities.

Proper setup of the Action Plan is key to accurately reporting in DRGR. For example, if you fail to include performance measures in the Action Plan as proposed goals, you will not get an opportunity to report on those same measures as part of the QPR.

The information you need to input in the DRGR Action Plan highlights the Published ‘Action Plan’ and/or ‘Substantial Amendments’ that were submitted to HUD in order to receive the grant allocation.

Action Plans are needed in DRGR to identify required information such as National Objective, Eligible Activities, organizations administering the Activity, Project and Activity budgets (including Program Income) and proposed accomplishments. HUD reviews Action Plans in DRGR remotely to ensure compliance with a variety of federal program requirements. DRGR Action Plans also establish a list of Activity performance measures which can be used for Quarterly Performance Reports to track actual accomplishments and spending by required categories such as national objective and eligible activities.

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