Does HUD expect CoCs and recipients of CoC Program-funded PSH to also prioritize veterans?

Date Published: March 2015

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In addition to ending chronic homelessness, Opening Doors also seeks to end homelessness among veterans by the end of this year. HUD is strongly encouraging CoCs to work and coordinate with local Veterans Affairs (VA) Medical Centers on the HUD-Veterans Affairs Supportive Housing (HUD-VASH) program, to the extent that the program is available in a geographic area, to coordinate efforts related to ending veteran’s homelessness.

In particular, CoCs and CoC Program-funded PSH projects targeting homeless veterans should generally prioritize homeless veterans that are not eligible for VA housing and services. Further, where CoCs have adopted the orders of priority described in the Prioritization Notice, HUD encourages CoCs to further prioritize veteran households. Essentially this means that if two households present for assistance and both fall under the same order of priority (i.e., both chronically homeless and fall under Order of Priority 1 for dedicated and prioritized PSH) but one is a veteran household and the other is not, the veteran household should be prioritized first.

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