What is the difference between a “dedicated” permanent supportive housing (PSH) bed and a “prioritized” PSH bed? What is an example of each?

Date Published: March 2015

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A CoC Program-funded PSH project with beds that are specifically targeted to persons experiencing chronic homelessness are considered to be either dedicated or prioritized. Section II of the Prioritization Notice provides guidance on what each of these classifications mean and how they are different. Here is a further breakdown of each:

Dedicated PSH - A PSH bed is considered to be “dedicated” when the project recipient has committed to exclusively serving the persons experiencing chronic homelessness for the duration of the grant. These typically are beds in projects that were funded under special Notice of Funding Availability (NOFA) requirements in a given CoC Program Competition (formerly Homeless Assistance Grants competition).

For example, beds in PSH projects that were originally funded as a Samaritan Housing Bonus project are considered to be dedicated and this designation cannot generally be changed. Similarly, in FY 2013 and FY 2014 the only permissible PSH projects that could be funded, either through reallocation or through the FY 2014 bonus, were projects that would exclusively serve chronically homeless individuals and families. These beds are also considered to be dedicated. A recipient may also choose to designate some or all of the beds in a PSH project as dedicated on their own, even when not required through NOFA. Under either circumstance, the recipient is required through its grant agreement to exclusively serve persons experiencing chronic homelessness in those beds that are dedicated unless there are no persons within the CoC’s geographic area that meet that criteria. 

HUD does not expect recipients of dedicated or prioritized CoC Program-funded PSH to hold vacant beds open indefinitely while waiting to locate persons experiencing chronic homelessness. For more information, see FAQ 1895. These beds are also identified as “CH Beds” on a CoC’s Housing Inventory Count. Where PSH projects have dedicated beds on their own and not as part of a NOFA funding requirement, the designation can be changed but only through a grant agreement amendment, because HUD considers this a significant change to the grant agreement.

Prioritized PSH - A PSH bed is considered to be “prioritized” when a project recipient has prioritized persons experiencing chronic homelessness in some or all of its beds even though this was not the target population identified in the original project application. 

Prior to 2013, HUD did not have a meaningful way to track these beds. Beginning in the FY 2013 CoC Program Competition, HUD updated the project application to include a field for the project applicant to identify beds that would be prioritized for use by persons experiencing chronic homelessness. This information is incorporated into the grant agreement for that year and the recipient is required to prioritize persons experiencing chronic homelessness in at least as many beds as indicated in the most recent project application. A recipient of PSH may choose to prioritize persons experiencing chronic homelessness in more beds than indicated in the project application without being required to execute a grant agreement amendment.

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