Note: This FAQ relates to HMIS, CoC


Is it permissible for recipients and subrecipients to use CoC or ESG funds to pay to update their HMIS to become part of our coordinated entry process?

Date Published: March 2015

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Yes - HMIS funds in the CoC and ESG Programs may be used to pay for coordinated entry, but only to the extent that the coordinated entry is integrated in the CoC’s HMIS. Per 24 CFR 576.107(a)(2) and 24 CFR 578.57(b) HMIS Leads may use funds to pay to customize or enhance the CoC’s HMIS to integrate coordinated entry. Additionally, per 24 CFR 576.107(a)(1) and 24 CFR 578.57(a), all recipients and subrecipients contributing data to the HMIS may use funds to pay for entering data into an HMIS that is also used for coordinated entry.

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