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What is the general guidance on revising HOME vouchers?

Date Published: April 2017

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HUD does not generally permit Participating Jurisdictions (PJs) to revise draws from ineligible HOME activities to eligible activities. Instead, the ineligible disbursements must be repaid. For instructions on returning HOME funds and making the necessary revisions in IDIS, see the FAQ: How are HOME funds returned for a drawdown for an ineligible activity?

However, the HOME Program permits PJs to revise draws to other HOME activities for the following reasons:

  1. To apply repayments to ineligible activities;
  2. To reconcile expenditures after HOME funds are drawn for the wrong activities;
  3. To consolidate vouchers under a single activity when PJs mistakenly set up two or more activities for a single HOME project;
  4. To comply with the guidance in HOME FACTS Vol. 4, No. 1, which allows PJs to convert homebuyer activities to rental activities.

For allowable revisions, all or part of an open, approved, or completed voucher can be revised from one activity to another activity or activities. All of the activities involved in the revision must be in “Open” status in IDIS. The activity the draw is being revised to must have funding from the same source (same program, source year, fund type, source organization, source type, and recipient organization) sufficient to cover the revised amount.

The fund type of a draw cannot be changed online. PJs must send a request to HUD Exchange Ask A Question for HUD to approve the change and make the revision on their behalf. In the request, state the reason for the fund type change. Provide the voucher number(s) and the “from and to” fund types, activity numbers (if applicable), and amounts to be revised.

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