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How is a completed activity reopened?

Date Published: July 2015

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A completed activity can be reopened on the View Activity screen. Follow these steps:

  1. Select the Plans/Projects/Activities tab.
  2. On the Search Activities screen, enter the IDIS Activity ID of the activity to be reopened and click the “Search” button. In the results table, select the “View” link in the last column.
  3. On the View Activity screen, first note the date in the “Completion Date” field and then click the Reopen Activity button.

The reopened activity is displayed on the Edit Activity screen.

For HOME activities only: IDIS keeps record of the earliest completion date entered for each HOME activity. The system will not allow the user to enter a completion date earlier than the original completion date when Participating Jurisdictions (PJs) reopen a completed activity, edit data, and subsequently change the “Activity Status” back to “completed.” If users leave the “Completion Date” field empty, the current date will automatically populate after clicking the “Save” button.

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