Does HUD have a preferred order for documenting eligibility in the ESG Program?

Date Published: February 2015

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The recipient must document the eligibility of all program participants upon their intake to the program. In general, §576.500 of the ESG Program interim rule requires recipients to maintain and follow written intake procedures to determine compliance with the homeless definition found in §576.2. These procedures must require documentation at intake, of the evidence relied upon to establish and verify homeless status. The procedures must establish the following order of priority for obtaining evidence:

  1. Third-party documentation, including written and source documentation, and HMIS records;
  2. Intake worker observations; 
  3. Certification from persons seeking assistance.

For information about documenting eligibility in emergency shelters, see the FAQ: What is acceptable documentation of eligibility for homeless individuals and families at a nightly turnout emergency shelter, and when is it required?

For more information about recordkeeping requirements for the homeless definition, please view the Determining Homeless and At-Risk Status, Income and Disability Webinar.

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