Does the footnote from HUD’s CPD Memorandum (described below) apply only to veterans seeking services through HUD-VASH, or are the same Veterans considered chronic for HUD-funded PSH outside of VASH as well?

Date Published: February 2015

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In HUD's CPD Memorandum: Guidance for Determining Eligibility for Permanent Supportive Housing for Persons Participating in Certain Department of Veteran's Affairs Programs, footnote 2 on page 3 says that HUD recognizes that the Department of Veteran's Affairs (VA) determines chronic homeless status at the initial intake into VA services and that veterans served by the VA can maintain that chronic status throughout their episode of care with the VA.

HUD recognizes the chronic status of veterans who were identified as chronically homeless by the VA at initial intake and are still in that episode of care with the VA for all PSH programs, not limited to HUD-VASH. HUD recognizes that the way the VA serves its homeless veterans is to conduct an initial verification of status but that the subsequent services are all considered part of a single service package, even when services are provided by different providers and in different programs, referred to as an episode of care. Thus, HUD allows a veteran to maintain his/her chronic status for the purpose of those in VA’s homeless response system. If a veteran was identified as chronically homeless through the VA’s initial intake and continues to be served under a single episode of care, HUD would recognize that veteran’s chronically homeless status for eligibility into its HUD permanent housing programs.

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