Should I be including U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) Runaway and Homeless Youth (RHY) programs on my Housing Inventory Count (HIC) and in my sheltered Point-in-Time (PIT) count?

Date Published: January 2015

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Continuums of Care (CoCs) should be sure to coordinate with local projects funded through the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) Runaway and Homeless Youth (RHY) Program when planning and conducting their HIC. RHY projects provide homeless youth with short-term shelter, longer-term transitional living programs, and maternity group homes, and also support youth through street outreach efforts. By engaging RHY programs in the HIC, CoCs will be able to collect more complete data on the emergency shelter and transitional housing programs that provide dedicated beds and units for homeless youth. In Appendix A of HUD’s Notice for Housing Inventory Count (HIC) and Point-in-Time (PIT) Data Collection for Continuum of Care (CoC) Program and the Emergency Solutions Grants (ESG) Program, HUD identifies the various RHY programs that should be included in the PIT count and what the appropriate project type is for each program.

However, CoCs should not include projects or beds/units in projects in the HIC that are dedicated for children who are in foster care, who are wards of the state, or who are otherwise under government custody or supervision. A list of current RHY grantees by city and state will be made available on the HUD Exchange.

Because RHY beds are specifically dedicated to serving youth, HUD would expect that RHY beds would be identified as Youth Bed Inventory. CoCs will need to identify if the beds are dedicated to serve only children under 18, only young adults ages 18 to 24, or persons up to 24 (i.e., both children under 18 and young adults 18 to 24). If a project is intended to serve anyone up to 24, even if it has an earlier cutoff age (i.e., up to age 21) that project should indicate that it serves only young adults ages 18 to 24 or persons up to 24, depending on the lower age limit of persons the beds are dedicated to serve.

HUD requires that all persons identified in the “PIT Count” portion of the HIC be included in the sheltered PIT count. Therefore, all youth identified in RHY programs on the HIC will also be counted in each CoC’s sheltered PIT count.

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