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Why don’t I see my new FY 2012 APR in the Submissions List?

Date Published: December 2014

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Please make sure that you have selected the same "Submissions Filter" options as the Guidebook shows on page 16. APR's for CoC Program Funding which were funded in FY 2012 or later will have either a "New Project Application FY[year]," "Planning Project Application FY[year]," or a "Renewal Project Application FY[year]" with a "CoC Full APR FY[year]" as the Funding Opportunity – Step Name. View the updated guidebook.

If after following these steps you still do not see your APR, then this indicates that there are steps still to be completed by your Field Office. Please contact your Field Office and ask them to complete all parts of your grant execution through the end of step C1.11. Next, the Field Office will have to open the Grant Agreement Amendment / APR Routing step and indicate that they want this project to go the APR. Once these steps are completed, you will be able to see the FY 2012 APR that you created.

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