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Why don’t I see any Project Applications to import?

Date Published: December 2014

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You will not see any Project Applications to import for one the following reasons:

  1. Your agency's applicant (the recipient) did not submit a Project Application via e-snaps for this operating year;
  2. Your username is linked to the wrong applicant profile; or
  3. You are working on an FY 2012 grant.

If Option 1: you should skip this step and manually enter your grant number in Q1 of the APR.

If Option 2: if you think your agency did submit a Project Application, please go to your Submissions list and see if you can find the Project Application you submitted. Check with other e-snaps users in your agency and make sure that your username is linked to the same applicant profile as theirs. If your name needs to be linked to a new applicant profile, your agency's authorized e-snaps representative can follow the instructions in the e-snaps APR Help: Instructions for Adding/Deleting Users resource located on the APR Guides, Tools, and Webinars page of the HUD Exchange.

If Option 3: if your problem regards a FY 2012 grant, you will need to complete the new FY 2012 APR format that was released by HUD in April, 2014. To find this APR, please begin by consulting the newest version of the CoC APR Guidebook (Version 7, October 2014). Please make sure that you have selected the same "Submissions Filter" options as the Guidebook shows on page 16. APR's for CoC Program Funding which were funded in FY2012 or later will have either a "New Project Application FY[year]," "Planning Project Application FY[year]," or a "Renewal Project Application FY[year]" with a "CoC Full APR FY[year]" as the Funding Opportunity – Step Name.

If you are not completing an APR for an FY 2012 project and still do not see the Project Application listed with the correct grant number for the year you are reporting on, we recommend that you skip this step and manually key in the grant number in Question 1. If you have confirmed all of these steps (including confirming that you are not submitting an FY 2012 grant), please submit a question to the Ask A Question portal so that we may further investigate your issue. When you do so, please also include your e-snaps user name. 

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