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I’m in the middle of my CoC APR but I need to edit my grant number. Why can’t I change it?

Date Published: December 2014

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If you have not yet submitted your CoC APR but are unable to edit your grant number, then that indicates you have imported an incorrect Project Application. Unfortunately, you are not able to proceed with this APR and will have to start over. The grant number is the way HUD is able to understand which grant the data in the submitted APR applies to. If that grant number is wrong, HUD is unable to understand what grant the performance in the APR is directly related to. This is the core reason why HUD requires the grant number to be absolutely correct. 

Please click on Projects on the left-hand side, filter for ‘CoC Full Annual Performance Report’, open up this project and rename it “DO NOT SUBMIT” in the Applicant Project Name, save, and leave unsubmitted.

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