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How do I make an edit to my submitted APR?

Date Published: December 2014

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There are two ways for a recipient to request for their APR to be re-opened to make revisions in e-snaps. First, recipients who want to amend an APR for a grant that was awarded in FY 2012 may ask their local HUD field office representative to re-open their APR. The local HUD field office representative may choose to re-open the APR or refer the recipient to the Ask A Question portal on HUD Exchange. Second, recipients may go directly to the Ask A Question portal on the HUD Exchange. 

To make any edits to an APR, please provide the following information in order to request that HUD amend your APR back to you:

  1. The 6-digit e-snaps project number or, if your APR is for an FY 2012 grant, the 15 digit grant number, both of which are located in your Submissions List.
  2. Which questions you would like to correct. Please note if you need to correct your grant number we will need to know if you manually entered your grant number or imported your Project Application.

Once we have this information HUD will notify the recipient when the APR is re-opened for amendments to be made. Questions may be submitted to the Ask A Question portal.

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