Is our Continuum of Care (CoC) limited to counting persons during the late hours of the night and early morning hours?

Date Published: December 2014

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In general, Continuums of Care (CoCs) will count their sheltered and unsheltered homeless population during the night of the date the CoC designated for its count, and subsequent early morning hours. Using these late hours of the night and early hours of the morning has traditionally been used as a means of avoiding double counting because persons are not likely to be both admitted in a shelter and sleeping on the streets  on the night of the count. However, CoCs are permitted to count persons at the hours that they feel will result in the best PIT count.

Standard No. 12 of the Point-in-Time Count Methodology Guide requires that CoCs ensure that during the PIT count homeless persons are only counted once. A CoC that is counting outside of the late night and subsequent early morning hours must have a strong deduplication plan. This deduplication plan should include a survey. If a CoC wants to complete a count outside of the traditional hours without a survey that allows for deduplication, they must seek an exception from HUD. The exception must include a justification for why the count must occur over multiple days and why the CoCs do not intend to use a survey instrument for deduplication purposes.

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