How do I report information about a client who had multiple service records during the reporting period and is reported as being disabled (or a veteran) in one service record but not the other?

Date Published: November 2017

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If a client has been served more than one time during the AHAR reporting period, then the community should review all the service records for each client within the AHAR reporting period. If any of those records indicate that the person is a veteran or disabled, then count them as a veteran or disabled in the AHAR.

The AHAR does not require that a disability be long-standing for it to be documented in the report. The person need only have a “yes” to the question “Do you have a mental illness?” and have the documentation required to mark “yes” on the question. The same goes for other disability types.

Review the AHAR Data Mapping Instructions for more guidance on identifying disability status (Yes/No).

View the most recent PDF of all the AHAR FAQs.

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