If a client enters a project multiple times throughout the reporting year, how should I calculate his length of stay for the AHAR?

Date Published: November 2017

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The AHAR collects length of stay information separately for each reporting category. Within each reporting category, the length of stay information should be cumulative to account for all stays. For example, if a client enters 4 emergency shelters for individuals during the AHAR reporting period and stays for 7, 10, 31, and 5 nights, the client’s total length of stay should be reported as 53 (or 7 + 10 + 31 + 5 = 53) in the ES-IND reporting category.

However, the annual length of stay information reported in the AHAR is truncated to the 12-month AHAR reporting period, and thus the maximum number of nights is 365 nights (from October 1 through September 30 of the following year). For example, clients who entered a shelter prior to October 1 and remained in the shelter during the AHAR reporting period should have an AHAR start date equal to October 1. Similarly, clients who are still in the project at the end of the AHAR reporting period should have an AHAR end date of September 30.

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