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How should I count a provider that did not exist at the start of the AHAR reporting period (October 1) but opened and started participating in HMIS at some point during the reporting period?

Date Published: November 2017

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A new provider that opened and started participating in HMIS during the course of the AHAR reporting period can be included in the AHAR. Both the beds and the people served by the provider should be reported to the AHAR. The provider’s beds should be prorated depending on how long they were open during the 12-month reporting period. To prorate the beds, take the total number of beds and multiply them by the proportion of the reporting period that they were open. For example, a shelter has 120 beds that opened at the beginning of April and immediately began participating in HMIS. These beds were available for 58 percent of the AHAR reporting period (or 7 / 12 = .58). The prorated bed count is therefore equal to 69.6 year-round equivalent beds (or 120 x .58 = 69.6).

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