When prorating beds to produce year-round equivalent beds, should a community report fractions of beds in the bed counts?

Date Published: November 2017

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In certain circumstances there will be decimal points in your count of annual number of available beds. The AHAR requires that communities prorate beds that are not available year-round, such as seasonal beds, voucher beds, beds that float between individuals and families during the year, or beds that opened/closed during the reporting year (other FAQs in the “Counting Beds in Your AHAR Submission” section provide specific examples). Prorating beds to produce “year-round equivalent beds” may result in a bed count that is not a whole number. In these instances, feel free to round the number to the nearest whole number or preserve the decimal. To round a value of 0.1 to 0.4, round downward; to round a value of 0.5 to 0.9, round upward.

Prorating beds in the AHAR applies only to annual bed counts. You may not report fractions of beds when reporting the number of beds available on a Point-in-Time date.

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