How do I include seasonal beds or beds that are only open part of the year (part-year beds)?

Date Published: November 2017

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Any type of bed that is not available year-round—such as seasonal beds—should be converted into a year-round equivalent (YRE) bed by prorating the bed in proportion to the amount of time, per year, that they are available. For example, assume that a project has 50 seasonal beds that are open from October through April (or 7 months). In effect, each seasonal bed counts as 0.583 year-round equivalent beds (or 7 / 12 = 0.583) because the bed is available for only seven months in the year. The project’s total prorated (or year-round equivalent) bed count is equal to 29 (or 50 x 0.583 = 29.2).

For Question 2, seasonal beds should be added as whole beds to the dates that they were available for. In this example, 50 seasonal beds are open October through April, so 50 should be added to the bed count for the October, January, and April PIT dates. No beds would be added to the July PIT count.

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