How do I count the beds associated with a scattered-site provider that has beds inside and outside the AHAR jurisdiction?

Date Published: November 2017

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If a provider has beds in more than one jurisdiction, you should first determine which geocode contains the plurality of the beds. For example, if a project has 40 percent of their beds in the AHAR jurisdiction; 35 percent in an adjacent jurisdiction; and 25 percent in a third jurisdiction, then the project would be included in the AHAR. All beds (and homeless people) associated with the project should be counted in the AHAR if the plurality of the beds are located in the AHAR jurisdiction. If the plurality of the beds is located outside of the AHAR jurisdiction, then no beds from that provider should be counted in the AHAR.

Communities may or may not know where the plurality of beds associated with a scattered-site project is located. In these situations, you will need to review the community’s Housing Inventory Count, which is located in the HDX and is submitted as part of a CoC funding application. Using the geocodes assigned to each provider, calculate the total number of beds available within the various jurisdictions. If the project operates beds that cross Continuum of Care boundaries—and thus the total bed inventory does not appear on a single housing inventory—discuss this with your AHAR data Liaison.

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