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What should I do if the pre-populated bed counts for my AHAR are not correct?

Date Published: November 2017

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The HDX automatically pre-populates the number of HMIS and non-HMIS beds from your most recent Housing Inventory Count (HIC) submission. In the past, the pre-populated counts were only based on year-round beds. In 2017, the pre-populated counts also account for year-round equivalent seasonal beds. However, this count does not account for beds that cannot be distinguished by their HMIS participation status or their household type status. If your housing inventory has changed since the submission of your HIC, you should manually adjust the pre-populated AHAR bed counts to reflect your total year-round equivalent housing inventory. For example, if a project added or removed beds at some point during the AHAR reporting period, the bed counts reported in questions 1b and 1c should be prorated to derive a year-round equivalent bed count. When making manual changes, please leave a note in the HDX to explain the changes, which eases the review process for you and your data Liaison.

Please refer to FAQ 1749 for more details on how to prorate beds that were not available for the full AHAR reporting period.

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