In what AHAR reporting category should a household whose child or children become 18 years old during the AHAR reporting period?

Date Published: November 2017

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The appropriate AHAR reporting category is based on the household’s first program entry during the reporting year. For example, assume that a household composed of one adult and a 17-year-old enters an emergency shelter, and during their stay the child turns 18. In this scenario, the household should be reported in the emergency shelter (ES) for families (FAM) AHAR reporting category because the composition of the household upon entry during the reporting year was a family. If this household exits this ES and enters another ES for the first time now as two adults, the 18-year old and the older adult would be recorded as individuals (ES-IND) in a 2-person household. In the Summary category in AHAR, you would indicate that these two people were in both ES-FAM and ES-IND during the reporting period.

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