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In what AHAR reporting category should I count teenage (or juvenile) parents and their children?

Date Published: November 2017

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Parents under age 18 and their children are counted as individuals (IND) in the AHAR reporting categories. Those households are reported in the reporting categories for individuals. Although the HMIS Data Standards were updated to include information about the relationship between members of a household or identify a head of household, is the AHAR has not altered its reporting with this. In what AHAR reporting category should I count a married or cohabiting age 18 or older couple without children?

A married or cohabiting couple should be reported in the individual (IND) AHAR reporting categories. Only families with at least one adult and one child are reported in the family reporting categories. The reporting categories are separated this way so that the experiences and characteristics of families with children can be analyzed separately from other households and individuals who are homeless.

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