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May a project subrecipient submit a Project Application in e-snaps on behalf of the Applicant?

Date Published: August 2017

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No. The Applicant's Authorized Representative is the only person that should submit the Project Application in e-snaps. However, the project subrecipient may assist in entering data into the Project Application in e-snaps. To assist in completing the Project Application, the Applicant's Authorized Representative must give the project subrecipient access to the Project Application (i.e., must add the person as a 'registered user' who is associated with the application). Refer to the Adding and Deleting Registrants resource for instructions. The instructions for adding a registered user are in each of the SF-424 training modules as well. HUD will not award funding to projects if the Project Applications refer to the subrecipient organization as the Project Applicants.

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