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For renewal projects, which organization should be the applicant for the FY 2017 project application and what should I do if the current recipient is different than the one listed on the Final FY 2017 GIW?

Date Published: August 2017

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For renewal projects, Project Applications may only be submitted by the current grant recipient of record. For renewal projects, this will be the current recipient for the expiring grant. If you are unsure who the project recipient is or believe that there is an error on the FY 2017 Grant Inventory Worksheet (GIW), please contact the Collaborative Applicant and the local HUD CPD field office immediately.

Subrecipients are not listed on the GIW nor does HUD enter into grant agreements with the subrecipients, so this should not affect the project application. Applicants must list all subrecipient organizations and their designated contact persons on form 2A of all project applications. For new project applications, the form must reflect all proposed subrecipients. For project applications for renewal funding, form 2A must reflect all current subrecipients.

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