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Under which circumstances can Medicaid be used as match in CoC Program-funded projects?

Date Published: August 2017

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A Project Applicant can use the value of services reimbursed through Medicaid as match if the Medicaid services are contributed to the project directly (e.g., if the project has one or more staff persons who provide services to program participants and those services are funded through Medicaid). In order to count the value of such services as match the applicant must be able to demonstrate that the services are being contributed directly to the project. This can be done through a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) or contract in place with a partner organization that provides services reimbursed through Medicaid to program participants. The Project Applicant should attach the MOU or commitment letter to application on Screen “7A. In-Kind MOU Attachment,” if available at the time of project application.

If the Medicaid services are not being contributed to the project, meaning they are being provided directly to program participants regardless of their participation in the CoC Program project, or there is not an MOU or contract in place, then these Medicaid services cannot be considered match for the project.

There are several resources that provide general information on the match requirements and how in-kind services should be handled. Please refer to the following:

  • Section 578.73(c)(1) of the CoC Program interim rule - “The recipient or subrecipient may use the value of any real property, equipment, goods, or services contributed to the project as match, provided that if the recipient or subrecipient had to pay for them with grant funds, the costs would have been eligible under Subpart D, or, in the case of HPCs, eligible under 578.71.”
  • The Importance of Documenting Match Under the CoC Program Podcast. The podcast is available on the HUD Exchange in both audio or as a transcript.
  • The FAQs on match, which can be found on the CoC FAQs page on the HUD Exchange by selecting Match from the dropdown menu under Program Requirements.

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