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What happens if the Collaborative Applicant finds an error in the CoC Review or disputes a HUD determination?

Date Published: April 2017

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If the Collaborative Applicant finds an error or disputes any part of HUD’s determination during the CoC Review, the Collaborative Applicant should disagree with HUD’s determination, make the changes and submit the CoC Review.  Once the CoC completes this step:

  • HUD will again review the CoC Program Registration with the changes made and review the comments included in the CoC Review by the Collaborative Applicant.
  • After HUD finishes its final review, an email will be sent to the Collaborative Applicant's primary contact (as listed in the CoC Applicant Profile) notifying them that the CoC Program Registration must be confirmed. This is the final determination by HUD.
  • The Collaborative Applicant must then access the CoC Review Registration Final Decision, review the HUD determinations, agree with the determinations, and select "Submit." If the Collaborative Applicant does not agree with the final decision, the Collaborative Applicant will not have access to the CoC Consolidated Application and, therefore, will not be eligible to apply for funding.

Please review the CoC Program Registration Detailed Instructions and CoC Program Registration Instructional Guide for more information.

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