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How will I know when CoC Review is available?

Date Published: January 2020

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HUD will notify Collaborative Applicants when they should log into e-snaps to review HUD's determinations provided in the CoC Registration Review by posting on the CoC Program Funding Availability page and issuing a listserv message to its mailing list. The due date for this review process will be included in the listserv message as well as posted on the HUD Exchange.

HUD uses mailing lists (listserv messages) to distribute up-to-date information about HUD's homeless assistance programs, competitions, awards, policy updates, and other vital information. HUD has numerous lists to more effectively target information that is pertinent to a particular audience.

Join the CoC HUD Exchange Mailing List.

Collaborative Applicants should encourage all Project Applicants to join mailing lists that provide information about their specific areas of interest.

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