Are Safe Havens eligible for renewal in the CoC Program?

Date Published: July 2014

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The HEARTH Act repealed the "Safe Havens for Homeless Individuals Demonstration Program". HUD will not fund any new Safe Haven projects under the CoC Program. However, HUD will continue to renew funding for an existing Safe Haven project as long as:

  1. The project continues to operate within the scope of the grant in effect on August 30, 2012, serving the same population, same number of persons or assisting the same number of units in the same type of housing, and operating within the same budget;
  2. The project remains in compliance with the Safe Haven definition and all regulatory requirements in place on August 29, 2012, the last effective date of the prior Supportive Housing Program regulations; and
  3. The CoC continues to request funding for the Safe Haven project by requesting funding for the Safe Haven project in the CoC Program Competition.

For additional information about Safe Havens, please refer to the Safe Haven Fact Sheet.

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