How must recipients demonstrate site control?

Date Published: July 2014

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When CoC Program grant funds are used for acquisition, rehabilitation, new construction, operating costs, or supportive services, the recipient/subrecipient must demonstrate that it has control of the assisted site (i.e., site control) within 12 months of the award announcement. The recipient/subrecipient has 24 months to prove site control if the CoC Program funds will be used for acquisition, rehabilitation, or new construction. Where there is a 12-month deadline, the 12-month deadline may be extended for up to 12 additional months if a recipient provides documentation demonstrating compelling reasons for the delay due to factors beyond the control of the recipient or subrecipient.

Acceptable documentation of site control is a deed or lease. If CoC Program grant funds will be used for acquisition, a purchase agreement is acceptable evidence of site control. The owner, lessee, and purchaser shown on these documents must be the selected recipient or intended subrecipient identified in the project application.

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