Environmental Review FAQ

What are the general responsibilities of the agency official?

Date Published: May 2014

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  • The agency official must complete the Section 106 process “prior to the approval of the expenditure of any Federal funds on the undertaking or prior to the issuance of any license.” In other words, the agency official should initiate Section 106 as early as possible in project planning. [800.1(c)
  • The agency official must ensure that all actions taken by employees and/or contractors meet professional standards as noted in the Secretary of the Interior’s Standards for Archaeology and Historic Preservation. [36 CFR 800.2(a)(1)
  • The agency official must consult with affected parties, plan consultations appropriate to the scale of the undertaking and scope of Federal involvement, and coordinate with NEPA and other related laws. [36 CFR 800.2(a)(4)
  • The agency official is responsible for documenting the Section 106 process in the environmental review record.

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