What forms should be used to complete Part 58 reviews in the CoC Program?

Date Published: May 2014

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The Office of Environment & Energy (OEE) has posted generic formats for Part 58 Exempt, CENST, CEST, and EA reviews:

Responsible Entities may have different local or regional forms that they are accustomed to using and are not required to use the formats posted on the HUD Exchange.

Additionally, OEE has developed a special format specifically for Part 58 leasing, Project Based Rental Assistance (PBRA), and Sponsor Based Rental Assistance (SBRA) reviews in the CoC Program. This format and accompanying instructions are available at Limited Scope Environmental Review Format for the CoC Program.

HUD has made a determination in the CoC Program No Potential to Cause Effects Memorandum that CoC Program leasing and rental assistance projects with no associated repairs or rehabilitation have No Potential to Cause Effects under Section 106 of the National Historic Preservation Act. This finding should significantly streamline the Section 106 process, as Responsible Entities need only include the memorandum with this finding in their Environmental Review Records to document compliance with that section. No consultation under Section 106 is required for projects that conform to the requirements described in this memorandum.

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