I am a CoC Program recipient and a HUD staff person is completing an environmental review under Part 50. What steps do I take?

Date Published: April 2014

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First, it is important to ensure that having HUD staff complete an environmental review under Part 50 is the appropriate action, as this should be the case only under very limited circumstances. Environmental reviews for CoC Program projects should be conducted by Responsible Entities under Part 58 by default. Before proceeding with the review under Part 50, work with HUD to find a Responsible Entity able to conduct the environmental review under Part 58. HUD will conduct these reviews only where all of the following apply:

  1. The CoC Program recipient is not an unit of general local government,
  2. The units of general local government with jurisdiction have refused to act as the Responsible Entity, and
  3. HUD has determined that it must perform the environmental review under Part 50.

If the environmental review must be performed under Part 50, recipients must work with HUD to complete the environmental review. While HUD will compile the environmental review record and be legally responsible for the content of the environmental review, recipients must assist HUD by providing maps and any required analysis to support the environmental findings. For leasing or rental assistance projects, use the Environmental Review Information: Leasing or Project-Based Assistance Under the CoC Program form to supply HUD with information on each site requiring an environmental review.

Note that the environmental review is not complete until HUD has reviewed the information submitted with the Environmental Review Information form and certified the environmental review. Recipients cannot commit CoC Program funds to a project until HUD has confirmed that the environmental review is complete.

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