For CoC Program leasing projects, is an environmental review required for each new program participant? New lease?

Date Published: March 2014

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Generally, yes; however, this is a very quick process. Environmental reviews should be based on the building and the surrounding geography, and not on the actual unit. Therefore, if a unit is located within a building where an environmental review was already conducted, then HUD or the Responsible Entity (RE) will only need to verify that a review was conducted within the last five years or if/when the environmental conditions change. If HUD or the RE can verify that an environmental review has been conducted on the project site(s), then no new review is required.  

For example, if an environmental review was conducted on a multi-unit apartment complex within the last five years, a new unit in that building may be leased without completing a new environmental review. 

However, for any scattered-site leased (this also includes sponsor-based and project-based rental assistance) unit located in a building that has not received an environmental review within the last 5 years, a limited scope review is required prior to signing a new lease and committing CoC Program funds to the unit.

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