What are the different levels of Environmental Review?

Date Published: March 2014

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There are 5 different levels of environmental review. However, CEST is the only level of review required by HUD CPD field office staff:

  • CEST: Categorically Excluded, Subject To §58.5 (also subject to §58.6)
    • Includes CoC Program leasing, sponsor-based and project-based rental assistance, minor rehabilitation

The remaining 4 levels of review are:

  • CENST: Categorically Excluded, Not Subject To §58.5 (still subject to §58.6)
    • Includes CoC Program tenant-based rental assistance, operating costs, maintenance
  • Exempt: Subject to §58.6 (applies to Part 58 only)
    • Includes planning, services, and administrative costs
  • EA: Environmental Assessment
    • Includes new construction, demolition, and major rehabilitation 
  • EIS: Environmental Impact Statement
    • Applies to projects affecting 2,500 or more units or where a Finding of Significant Impact was made

HUD has guidance and suggested formats, which may vary by region, for each level of review. Refer to the Environmental Review page and consult with your local Field Environmental Officer for local requirements.

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