Can ESG funds be used to cover additional fees and/or security deposits for a service animal?

Date Published: December 2013

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Housing providers (e.g. landlords) may not charge fees for service animals, beyond a standard fee or security deposit that applies to all tenants who do not have pets. Therefore, ESG funds may not be used for this type of expense. If the service animal causes damage to a unit or a common area, the landlord or service provider may charge the tenant a fee to cover the damages (for damage costs above the amount covered by the security deposit), as long as the landlord complies with their standard policies and fees, but ESG funds may not be used to pay for damage costs outside of the security deposit.

For more information on the regulations surrounding service animals, please review the Joint Statement on Reasonable Accommodations under the Fair Housing Act, which covers pet fees/deposits on page 9.

Tags: ESG Program Requirements - Eligible Activities/Uses

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