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How is cash match calculated on the CoC APR for SHP, S+C, and CoC Programs?

Date Published: December 2014

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For SHP and S+C Programs, the cash match is calculated as a percentage of your "Total Expenditures." For example:

If you enter $100 in SHP funds for your Services total in 30a2, and then enter $100 as your cash match expended, your cash match percentage will be 50%.

e-snaps automatically calculates match percentages. If your supportive services match is 20% of your total supportive services budget, then your required match is 25% of the SHP services amount. If your operations match is 25% (because it cannot exceed 75%), then your required match comes out to about 33% of the SHP services amount.

For projects funded under the CoC Program interim rule, match is actual cash or in-kind resources contributed to the grant. All costs paid for with matching funds must be for activities that are eligible under the CoC Program, even if the recipient is not receiving CoC Program grant funds for that activity. All grant funds must be matched with an amount no less than 25% of the awarded grant amount (excluding the amount awarded to the leasing budget line item) with cash or in-kind resources. Match under the CoC Program is calculated different than match under SHP. The match is calculated based on the amount of funds expended from the award. For example, if a recipient received $100 in CoC Program funds. The match requirement is 25% of the $100. This would be $25 for the grant.  

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