What constitutes "minor rehabilitation" for Environmental Reviews?

Date Published: October 2012

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For single-family dwelling units (1-4 units), minor rehabilitation is applicable under the following conditions: the proposed activities will not increase unit density beyond four units; the land use is not changing; and the footprint of the building (i.e., foundation, decks, garages, porches, etc.) is not being extended into a floodplain or wetland, or in cases where the building is in a floodplain, the footprint of the building is not going to be increased. This term also applies to NSP multifamily units (a building that contains 5 or more dwelling units), as follows: the proposed actions will not change unit density more than 20 percent (neither an increase nor decrease); the land use will not be changed; and the cost of rehabilitation is less than 75 percent of replacement cost after rehabilitation. Refer to 24 CFR 58.35 (a)(3)(i) and (ii), found under Laws and Regulations posted on HUD's Environment website.

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