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Can I set up an activity for each subrecipient I have funded in IDIS?

Date Published: March 2012

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No. ESG recipients can only set up one activity per activity category per grant year in IDIS beginning with the FY2011 allocation. The activity categories are: Street Outreach, Shelter, Homelessness Prevention, Rapid Re-Housing, HMIS, and Administration. For each activity, (under “Activity Funding”), a recipient must identify the funding amount allocated to each sub-recipient organization. Itemizing funding by subrecipient allows IDIS (and the ESG recipient) to track commitments and draws at the subrecipient level. When drawing funds for that activity, the recipient must indicate the subrecipient for the draw. So, every draw by a recipient will only be associated with one subrecipient. Each draw is therefore associated with a specific subrecipient and a specific activity for a specific program year. The PR91 Report has been updated to show the activities and draws by subrecipient for each year's ESG allocation.

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