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What is the proper naming convention for ESG Activities in IDIS?

Date Published: April 2019

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The required naming convention for ESG Activities is: ESG, the 2-digit Federal Allocation Year followed by a space, followed by the Activity Category as listed in IDIS.

For example: “ESG19 Shelter”

Only one activity may be set up per component per grant. For example, if a recipient funds all ESG components and admin with their FY 2019 grant, then the only activities that may be set up in IDIS are the following, using this naming convention:

  • ESG19 Street Outreach
  • ESG19 Shelter
  • ESG19 Rapid Re-housing
  • ESG19 Homeless Prevention
  • ESG19 Data Collection (HMIS)
  • ESG19 Administration

Detailed instructions can be found in Using IDIS Online for the Emergency Solutions Grants (ESG) Program.

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