What environmental review requirements are there for homes acquired prior to the start of NSP, if NSP was not used for acquisition?

Date Published: October 2012

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The environmental review requirements do not apply to homes acquired prior to the start of NSP. A project becomes "Federal" for purposes of HUD's environmental review process when a recipient submits a project application for HUD funding. Sometimes HUD grant recipients utilize an application process to implement its NSP program. In such instances, where subrecipients apply for NSP funding from a HUD recipient, the project becomes "Federal" and HUD restrictions at 24 CFR 58.22 apply when the subrecipient submits to the recipient a project application for NSP funds. If this previously-acquired property is being rehabilitated with NSP funds, an environmental review must be conducted for the rehab portion of the project. Refer to the NSP Policy Alert: Environmental Review, Options and Conditional Contracts.

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