How far must a project be located away from a hazard in order to receive NSP funding?

Date Published: October 2012

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There are two types of manmade hazards that NSP grantees must consider: storage tanks and contamination.           

  • In the case of above ground storage tanks that contain explosive or flammable materials (defined at 24 CFR 51.201), the Responsible Entity (RE) must not approve projects located at less than an acceptable separation distance (ASD) from these tanks unless appropriate mitigation measures are implemented or are already in place (see 24 CFR 51.202(a) and 51.206). HUD has developed an Acceptable Separation Distance Electronic Assessment Tool to help REs assess the ASD. For additional guidance refer to 24 CFR Part 51, Subpart C.       
  • In the case of on-site and off- site contamination, the determining factor is whether the RE is able to ensure that neither the health nor safety of the occupants nor the intended use of the property will be adversely affected. Refer to 24 CFR 58.5(i)(2).

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