Who is responsible for completing and documenting the Environmental Review?

Date Published: October 2012

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Under Part 58,the environmental review can be completed by the Responsible Entity's (i.e., unit of general local government or the state) staff, program partners, or a hired consultant. However, the Responsible Entity (RE) is ultimately responsible for the content of the Environmental Review Record (ERR) and must make an independent evaluation of the environmental issues, take responsibility for the scope and content of the compliance findings, and make the final environmental decision concerning project approval.  

The RE is also responsible for ensuring any mitigation measures or conditions for approval are implemented, as well as for maintaining the ERR (24 CFR 58, §§ 58.4, 58.10, 58.38). Under Part 50, HUD will be the Responsible Entity. The Part 50 and Part 58 regulations are found under Laws and Regulations posted on HUD's Environment website.

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