What portion of a recipient’s fiscal year ESG award can be used for street outreach and emergency shelter activities?

Date Published: December 2012

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According to the ESG regulation 24 CFR § 576.100, the total amount of a recipient’s fiscal year grant that may be used for street outreach and emergency shelter activities combined cannot exceed the greater of:

  1. 60 percent of the recipient’s fiscal year grant; or
  2. The amount of the Fiscal Year 2010 grant funds committed for homeless assistance activities. This amount includes all homeless assistance activities from FY 2010. Homeless assistance includes all activities that recipients would report as homeless assistance activities in the Integrated Disbursement Information System (IDIS) for the Emergency Shelter Grants program (emergency shelter renovation, major rehabilitation, conversion, essential services, maintenance, operation, etc.). It excludes ESG funds expended on administrative activities and homelessness prevention activities.

For additional guidance, please review the Notice of the FY 2011 Substantial Amendment Process and Other Related Information for Recipients of ESG Program Funds. This Notice advises the public of the award amounts and spending restrictions on the second allocation of FY 2011 Emergency Solutions Grants funding.

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