What are the required documents that need to be kept for a file of an ESG program participant?

Date Published: December 2012

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Recipients and subrecipients should review the ESG regulation at §576.500 for the minimum acceptable evidence required to document each category of the homeless definition. The most relevant sections are § 576.500(b) through (f), which provide a detailed checklist. For purposes of determining and documenting homelessness, HUD allows various types of documentation in the following order of priority: third-party documentation first, intake worker observations second, and certification from the person seeking assistance third.

However, minimum acceptable types of documentation vary depending on the particular housing status and circumstance being documented. In particular, while third party documentation should be obtained whenever possible, lack of third-party documentation must not prevent an individual or family from being immediately admitted to emergency shelter, receiving street outreach services, or being immediately admitted to shelter or receiving services provided by a victim service provider (24 CFR § 576.500(b)).

Note that HUD is working to prepare guidance documents to assist recipients and subrecipients with these and other issues.

Tags: ESG Program Requirements - Expenditures and Recordkeeping