Can I serve HPRP program participants with ESG?

Date Published: July 2012

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For those program participants who, at the last recertification before HPRP ends, are not going to be able to remain stably housed without assistance, ESG funds may be used to help them after HPRP funds are no longer available.

If that is the case, they must meet one of the seven criteria listed in category one of the at-risk of homelessness definition at 24 CFR 576.2. A complete eligibility/intake assessment must be conducted and includes having an income below 30 percent of median family income for the area, as determined by HUD, and lacking the resources and support networks to prevent them from going into an emergency shelter or one of the places listed in paragraph (1) of the Homeless definition at 24 CFR 576.2. If they are eligible for ESG, you will need to exit them out of HPRP (including exiting them out in HMIS). Since they are already in housing, they would not qualify for rapid re-housing assistance, it would be categorized as homelessness prevention.

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