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Economic Development


AEDI: Appalachia Economic Development Initiative

BCCI: Border Community Capital Initiative

BEDI: Brownfields Economic Development Initiative

DCCI: Delta Community Capital Initiative

CDBG-DR: Community Development Block Grant Disaster Recovery Program

Promise Zones

RHED: Rural Housing and Economic Development Program

RIF: Rural Innovation Fund

Rural Capacity Building for Community Development and Affordable Housing Program

Section 4 Capacity Building for Community Development and Affordable Housing Grants

Section 108: Section 108 Loan Guarantee Program

Congressional Grants

NI: Neighborhood Initiative Grants

EDI-SP: Economic Development Initiative - Special Projects

Legacy Economic Development Programs

Community Renewal Initiative

Small Business Opportunities

HUD and BusinessUSA Opportunities for Small Contractors

Looking for Funding for an Economic Development Project?

HUD provides federal resources to fund a diverse range of economic development activities including job retention and creation projects, public facilities and infrastructure, and affordable housing. The resulting projects must benefit income eligible persons or communities. HUD does not provide assistance directly to individuals and businesses; rather, HUD provides funding for economic development activities to states, local governments, and nonprofits. If you are interested in partnering with a CPD grantee on an economic development project, contact a local grantee in your area.