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APR Guides, Tools, and Webinars

Recipients of HUD funding through the homeless grant competition are required to submit an Annual Performance Report (APR) electronically to HUD, via e-snaps every operating year. The APR is required of projects funded with the following HUD grant programs:

  • Supportive Housing Program (SHP)
  • Shelter Plus Care (SPC) Program
  • Section 8 Moderate Rehabilitation Single Room Occupancy (SRO) Program
  • Continuum of Care (CoC) Program

All data collection for the APR is aligned with the most recent version of the Homeless Management Information System (HMIS) Data Standards.

If you have questions regarding the APR please submit them to Ask A Question.

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Guides and Trainings Manuals

e-snaps CoC APR Guidebook for CoC Grant-Funded Programs

The e-snaps CoC APR Guidebook for CoC Grant-Funded Programs is intended to assist you with the data entry into e-snaps for all SHP, S+C, SRO, and CoC grant types, with the exception of SHP and CoC grants for HMIS Dedicated Projects. You should refer to this guidebook after your data is extracted from HMIS or a comparable database and you are ready to enter data into e-snaps.

Date Published: March 2015

e-snaps APR Guidebook for HMIS Dedicated Projects

The e-snaps APR Guidebook for HMIS Dedicated Projects is intended to assist with the data entry into e-snaps for HMIS dedicated projects funded under the SHP and CoC Programs, and will only review those questions required for HMIS dedicated projects.

Date Published: March 2015

e-snaps CoC APR Guidebook for CoC Planning Projects

The e-snaps CoC APR Guidebook for CoC Planning Projects is intended to assist you with the data entry into e-snaps for CoC Planning grants funded through the CoC Program grant funds.

Date Published: February 2015

e-snaps APR Help Resources

e-snaps APR Help: Authorized Representative Changes

This document is intended for organizations that need to formally request a change in Authorized Representative in e-snaps.

Date Published: November 2010

e-snaps APR Help: Instructions for Adding/Deleting Users

This document is intended for CoC grantees required to complete an APR in e-snaps who would like to add a user (or users) to their e-snaps applicant profile so that additional users may assist with data entry.

Date Published: October 2010

e-snaps APR Help: For Organizations Using e-snaps for the First Time

This document is intended for CoC grantees who are required to complete an APR in e-snaps and have never entered information in e-snaps before.

Date Published: October 2010

HMIS Vendor Information

HMIS Data Standards - Revised Notice March 2010

This Notice revises the Homeless Management Information Systems (HMIS) Data and Technical Standards Final Notice (69 FR 146, July 30, 2004).

Date Published: March 2010

CoC APR Programming Specifications

This document is intended to support and guide HMIS software providers as they embark on generating the HUD Annual Performance Report (APR) for homeless programs.

Date Published: July 2014

CoC APR Revisions: HMIS Programming Specifications

This document provides HMIS vendors programming guidance for changes to questions 23, 24, and 36 of the CoC APR. All business rules and logic previously published are still in effect for the remainder of the APR. This document should be considered a supplement to existing specifications for the full CoC APR programming.

Date Published: August 2013

APR Generation Tool

The APR Generation Tool can be used by grantees whose HMIS has not yet been programmed to generate an APR. This tool is a resource for vendors and communities to help them develop the CoC APRs. The Report Generation Tool can be used a) to understand the programming specifications in depth and b) as an option for programming the HMIS to generate an APR.

Date Published: March 2013

APR XML to CSV Parser

The APR XML to CSV Parser Utility is designed to be used by grantees to aid in the use of the APR Generation Tool.

Date Published: December 2011

Tools and Templates

CoC APR Questions Template

This is a template designed to assist grantees required to complete the Full CoC APR. It is a model of the data collected in e-snaps.

Date Published: April 2014

CoC Full APR Grant Guide

This document provides grantees, project sponsors and HMIS vendors with a list of the questions on the CoC APR that are required for each grant (SHP, S+C and SRO) and component type.

Date Published: June 2011

Webinars and Virtual Trainings

Tips on Accessing Your APR in e-snaps Webinar

This webinar provides guidance to CoC Program, as well as SHP and S+C recipients through the process of accessing and starting their Annual Performance Report (APR) in the e-snaps system. Recipients should reference the CoC APR Guidebook for more information on how to complete their APR.

Date Published: October 2014

HUD's CoC APR: Revised Income Questions (Q24a and Q24b) Webinar

This brief presentation, held on April 14, 2014, provides an overview of the key parts of Q24a and Q24b on the CoC APR. This presentation is not intended to review the detailed programming instructions that were provided to HMIS vendors. Rather, this webinar is focused on providing guidance to recipients on the revised income reporting requirements, including a discussion about why HUD changed the income questions and how to complete them on the APR.

Date Published: April 2014

APR 101: Introduction to the New Annual Performance Report

This tutorial provides an overview of why changes were made to the APR; introduces the new APR reporting requirements; notes upcoming deadlines, timelines and changes in reporting processes; and introduces some of the major changes in the new APR.

Date Published: July 2010

CoC APR Virtual Training

This interactive tutorial is about HUD's reporting requirements for the CoC APR. This tutorial is targeted to CoC grantees.

Date Published: March 2012